Fashion Distributors, Importers

Fashion Distributors, Importers: Companies profiles and address details. Distribution region. All information about Fashion Distributors.


International retail stores chain all over the Europe.
Activities: import, retail distribution.
Product range: fashion items, clothing, accessories, textiles.
Affordable prices concept.
Cooperation with suppliers from Asia.

Primark’s Supplier Code of Conduct are:

Freedom of employment
Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
Safe and hygienic working conditions
Environmental requirements
No child labour
Living wages paid
No excessive working hours
No discrimination
Provision of regular employment
No harsh or inhumane treatment
Respect for local legal requirements

Fashion Distributors

Fashion Distributors, Importers
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Fashion Distributors –¬†Company profile and address details. All information about these¬†Fashion Distributors.
Fashion Distributors
Newest fashion collections from international designers.
Wide supply and distribution network: shops, boutiques, fashion centers.
Cooperation with international suppliers.