Bottled Water Distributors, Importers

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Ahold Group

Ahold Group
Ahold is an international retailing group with Head Quarters based in the Netherlands.
Strong consumer brands in Europe and the United States.
Activities: Wholesale buyers, importers, retail distributors.
Retail stores chain in Europe and USA.
Products: consumer goods, food, beverages, wine,…
Ahold Europe comprises Albert Heijn in the Netherlands and Belgium; Etos, Gall & Gall in the Netherlands; and Albert / Hypernova in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
In Europe, each of these operating companies has a general manager reporting to the COO of Ahold Europe.Ahold USA is organized into four retail divisions: Giant Carlisle, Giant Landover, Stop & Shop New England, and Stop & Shop New York Metro.

Bottled Water Distributors

Bottled Water Distributors, Importers
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Company profile and address details. All information about these Bottled Water Distributors.
Bottled Water Distributors
Bottled water supply chain.
Mineral, spring water from major suppliers from around the world.
Highest quality criteria.
Import: Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia.
Current requirements:  bottled water.